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What Makes a Website

A Website That Represents Your Brand on Global Platform

Being in a seasonal industry, the prime target for any organization would be one of covering as much business as possible in peak season to sustain for the slack season.

In such an industry, there’s no in between situation where you get average business- either it would be too much or too less. And to get the maximum leads, your brand’s visibility is a must have a thing. In today’s era of globalization, the competition is getting intense every single day. In such a scenario, it is important to have your global visibility tough enough to get maximum benefit out of it. And the most important thing in the global world is your own place to showcase your brand and its offering, which is none other than your own website.


So, let’s get a glimpse of the project before jumping over the website designing and development.

The brand is a well-reputed firm serving the wedding industry since past 2decades as a wedding photographer and cinematographer. So, let’s first understand the industry. In a photography industry, you can not make use of effective words where the game is all about the effective picture. The most you could offer is the photograph only. So, data speaks for itself here. The stronger your work would be, so as the business. A healthy competition here gives a chance to creative stuff and better quality work for the clientele. Apart from the data, the presentation is equally important. And for that, we design our presentation on the global platform of the internet and call it a Website.

In simple words, a website is a place where you can showcase each and every detail of your offerings. That could be your introduction, your product or service area, you are working culture to your testimonials. Even you can share your experience. You can design your own case studies and shared it on your platform.

A website designing and development is prior and most important steps to be taken when you are entering into the digital world. It will help you generate an effective online presence. And as we have discussed before, the presentation makes difference.



So firstly, we had to know the exact requirement for the brand and the owner, which was quite simple. The design part was there in the mind. They want to have something really appealing to showcase their portfolio in the most prominent and effective way. But we had some other plans as well being a website designer and developers. According to our norms, the website’s appearance is the second most important thing in website design and development. The 1st most important thing in our terms is the user-friendliness. The easier it becomes for the user, more would be retention and navigation would be even easier. A perfect web-development doesn’t belong to where you got the most beautifully designed website but the one where you could generate the crowd using right keywords and have a good retention rate. Retention certifies the quality of the content as well as the user-friendliness of the website as people can easily operate it.



Many a time, it happens that you got the best of the design but unable to change any part of it. You usually get depend on the developer for even a minor change and the obvious answer would be “will solve the matter within 24-48 hours.”- there’s nothing wrong with that. But we also took this thing into consideration that not only external clients of the brand should be comfortable with the structure, but also the internal client (the employees) should be comfortable to operate and make changes accordingly. This thing opens the door for creativity.  Previously when it took 24-48 hours to make a minor change, could now be done within a fraction of seconds-just with a click. Which makes it too easy for the end user. Now, they have access to change the layout as well making a website look new all the time effortlessly.


For example, currently-on the top position there’s a slider showing a selected number of pictures, which could be changed with the video playing on the same spot the next month. The dynamic appearance with something different every once in a while keep the viewer engaged and increase the rate of returning visitors to the website than the best ever appearance with the static structure.


Enough with the discussion. Now- it’s the time for some action. Now, when we are finally going to see the website structure and stuff, you’ll notice the psychology behind it. The user-friendly structure and the easy navigation.

1st step for designing one website, the most important thing is to consider the competing brand in the same industry- not to copy but to compete. Many times-reference links for the competing brand has been mistaken for making an identical site same as the links shared.



Our research has been started with the reference links. One such observation was that almost all the brand wants to give as many as options in the menu bar for easy navigation.


As we already discussed about the user friendliness and appearance. It should not be avoided that these two things are interrelated and not against each other. So now we will be starting with layout thing layout and structuring. From the reference link that we have received, we have seen many such layouts. The were some similarities among all. We have observed that many of them have put so many options in the menu bar itself so as to make the navigation easier for to visitor. Taking appearance into consideration, we could also term it as clumsy layout. The visitor might get confused about where to go.

So that was the first rule. Your homepage is your first impression in the mind of the client. As simple, appealing and easily navigable. So we only put this four categories on our front door (homepage) namely home, bio, our services and blog. Instead of adding so many categories on the home page itself such as photography, cinematography, wedding portfolio, kids photography, fashion shoot and many more, we only put our services. Does So many common terms used while creating CRM features that could be about us which is two word with bio, which makes it look bit different than that of the others. Blogging was one such important part of our website where we can discuss our key aspects, and experiences and our journey. So we are all set for a homepage. As you could see that you got social icons on the right-hand side of the webpage which makes it easier to navigate through our social platforms from anywhere on the website.



As you scroll down the homepage you will experience effective interactiveness of the page. The animation that took place as a scroll down makes it look appealing. You come across the post, you will see the popup button that will appear at the time of scrolling makes call-to-action and navigation to fellow page easier. That's one more thing that should not be missed out when you are planning an effective website which is testimonials. Pick the best of your clients and make them give you a good testimonial on how they experience your service. A testimonial is going to be one of the strongest parts of your website as it will showcase what and how you serve your clients, how you fulfil their expectations and what are your strengths.



Let’s move to another page about the introductory part. A page designed solely for the structure and morals of the company. The page is important for those who might take interest in your services but wants to know about the cultural factor. This part does not only consist of how you started and basically a list of what you serve. But if you take it in a different manner, it is an opportunity to express yourself to the fullest in front of your potential clients.


We could add on things to the limit we won’t be able to describe in any other platform or even in person. So, with help of our professional team of content writer, we have added on the bio section containing its history, moral values and most importantly, why it’s worth it. Believe it, when the person arrives on this page, he/she definitely is interested in making business with you. Or else you only say, why would someone want to know things about your brand? It describes you, it defines you.

Also, added a call-to-action make it easier for the client to raise the query if any. So, you may have observed that there’s a link, all these sections designed on the web platform is inter-connected. The moment when the interested individual arrives at your bio section to know more about you and the brand, the person most likely to leave the message or query, making it easier to get the data from the genuine potential client.



Moving forward, will see the most important part of the entire website which is the data. The work is done. The data your work will be judged on. The service you offer has been judged based on how you’d offer it. What is the quality of your work? How well can you make the ordinary moment extraordinary one? If you’re worth. Everything-starting from just a glance to call-to-action depends on this specific area. This is the web-page, either you’ll get the client from or they might bounce back if you don’t reach till their expectations. So, playing it safe here is the challenge as one pose might impress one but might look common to the other fellow. Selection for the data here is the toughest part.

Starting with describing all your services, the respective web-page for each is equally important. Here, we have showcased all the quality service including indoor and outdoor shooting experience.

There are also certain categories which might not get filled with a single web-page. In case, we have created a special gallery where you can get to see the whole event and even make a sound judgement.



It is obvious that in an event when you’ve hired the photographer, showcasing only 3-5 best moment won’t give you the wholesome idea of the skills of the photographer. As you could see in the wedding and prewedding section of the website, you would see the couple’s individual folder having their own pictures linked to it. Many competing sites have created a single folder having all the candid moments stored to it. But we have made a separate folder for the individual couple. The reason for the same is you can feel the elegance of the event and don’t miss out on the special moments of the near and dear ones. Many times- a couple is to be highlighted but the closed ones are those who’d be more excited than a couple making the event even more special.

Then, there’s a page solely designed for blogging. No, it’s not for the self-praise of course. But might interest the viewer on their concepts to photography. It describes many such events, which most of the times has been missed out from the client’s perspective. There are many such interesting topics we have talked about that might give you information or entertain you. Blogs are the essential part of the brand as it connects you with the potentials. It creates an effective repo with the audience. You can get to understand what the trend is all about, what are the demands and expectations of the new generations effectively. Being in an industry since past two decades, the brand has faced many distinct sets of people with their unique and out of the box kind of demands and succeeded in fulfilling the same keeps the brand still strong enough. Sharing such experiences throws lights on your skills, your hard work and your passion to serve better. Every single month, they have come up with the most unique matter to discuss on. There’s where the need of blog exists.



In the end, last but not the least, there’s one such factor to be considered designing the website when you’re expecting a good rate of call-to-action and retention rate is that 80% of the total audience experience your web-presentation via mobile devices. Of course, the rest 20% should also not be avoided but we have put one such function which only appears on the mobile device. In order to get more call-to-actions and easy reach, we have put a WhatsApp button. WhatsApp button specifically because of its versatility-renovated form of messaging.! There’s a middle way. As most of the time, there has been a chat-box visible on the site for online-ontime assistance. But it should also not been avoided that it’s next to impossible to be available all the time whenever a client wants to talk. Further, once left, it becomes difficult to get them back if failed to response on spot. On the other extreme, we could make a call button for easy communication. But it has also been observed that you might miss out on making notes on which specific number belongs to the client, in case of follow-up. The possibility is also there where you might not be able to receive a call at any point of time. So, WhatsApp here is the ultimate middle-solution, where you’ll take an easy follow-up on the later phase of time. You don’t need to think over who that person is as, in the previous conversation you can see what this specific client is. You don’t have to maintain the records. You can reply later on in case you’re busy. You can reach out to a client at any point of time. Further, it is easier and the most comfortable platform for both-the client and the photographer. Further, you can share any type of date or document using it.


WhatsApp Image 2018-12-26 at 6.08.11 PM.

WhatsApp comes out to be the smartest move till the time as, the client does not feel to share a piece of information and get a call at a random time, not so comfortable with him. Plus the number of people coming on site finds it easy to reach and communicate with the responsible genuine person on time. On contrary, the photographer too finds it easier as they don’t have to recognize each and every detail as most of the conversation has been done on a written format. Many such clients won’t find it good to directly call the intended person fearing it might spam later on, but texting makes them comfortable talking to a stranger and putting their demands off. This has responded on a really good manner at the time of google promotion where the goal was to grab the interested audience to the website and get the data directly from the clients.

In the end, let me conclude this with an exciting idea of sharing. Just one small idea could drastically change an output. You never know, which part of your imagination comes out to be the best idea of yours, changing the numbers on the graph. So, keep expanding your vision and put your imagination into implementation and get the most out of it.

If you like reading this, sharing it on your social platform and help someone find the brand they have been looking forward to working with. Have a magical day in case you’re implementing something today.