We don't push the brand to have everything we offer, but the right combination of services that a brand actually needs. Define your goal and will define your marketing radius.


Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the art of expressing the content in a visual format with the least characters expressed. Unlike many designers, who’d look out certain designs on the web and re-create it, makes a brand dull and unrecognisable. We have that spirit to make your graphic speak out.

Content Writing

Understanding the fact that people need things to be simple and short was enough. Maybe which one has the most accurate information, decorated with a high-tech language or may be high level jargons fisted to the content to show an impression

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Website Designing

A Website That Represents Your Brand on Global Platform Website designing and development is prior and most important steps to be taken when you are entering into the digital world. It will help you generate an effective online presence.

Branding Factor

Your online presence should not be limited to regular posting. If you want to look different, you should be different. You might not have something out of the box to offer, but you definitely have an out of the box idea to present your offering in a way that no one else does.

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Lead Generation

Only passing on the lead is not enough, a regular follow-up with the conversion rate, the credibility of the targeted audience, their obvious questions and the problem they face dealing with them was equally important. Such analysis gave a clear picture of quality of leads generated.

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Why do our campaigns achieve such great results?

Because we create fully customized Internet marketing campaigns and responsive websites that incorporate the best strategy to generate leads — instead of the other 1,000 ways that are less than the best. Furthermore, we execute using a proven, detailed, systematic and documented process that ensures all work is done properly.


Straight specializes in online lead generation for small- and middle-market companies, and we have particular depth in certain industries, including photography, optical, business services, online food delivery, marketing, e-commerce and hospitality.


If you don’t see your industry represented in these case studies — don’t worry! Our in-house team is always ready to take up challenging projects. The principles of sound Internet marketing and responsive Web design apply to virtually every business.


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