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Generate Leads with Ease to Your Business

Generate Leads with Ease to Your Business


We all have come across these type of people who’re just too straight forward with their goals regardless of any circumstances. We all have faced these people in the beginning of our career, facing interviews. Most of the employers look out for a result-oriented employee which is good quality. But in most cases, even there are people who’d give targets on 1st month itself. You might have understood what character I’m designing in front of you as you’ve someone in your mind having same mindset/ character. So, let’s have the same dialogue to initiate this case study.


About The Project:

So, it was all about a photography studio, a reputed brand in the local named Shital Photo. Shital Photo is the only brand you’d see in the industry that has changed the industry criteria. Mostly, the photographer is someone roaming around, doing shoots-kind of character, but these entrepreneurs have changed the definition of the same. The giant studio having 2-3 specially dedicated photography rooms, a counter, an in-house team of photographers and editors, a quality assistance team, 2 boys to take deliveries from the supplier and more than that, you’d see the departmentation to the large extent. There are individual departments for a specific set of photography. A proper billing and accounting system you might not have witnessed in any photography firm. The infrastructure so vast that it further has a separate projector room along with everyday meeting has to be scheduled dealing on everyday issues and making strategy.


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The firm has got a great recognition in terms of quality and the credit goes to the team, who made it possible, who are fueling energy to the quality of work, who’s improving every single day- making brand stronger and stronger. The speciality Shital Photo owes is the newborn and child photography solution. Since past 20+ quality yeas, they have got a really great recognition in newborn and child photography indoor shoots with a great number of props and candid clicks.



Need For Us:

As you could see that the brand seems so strong. They now want to add on a phase where they could initiate the next level to newborn photography. Up till now, they were into indoor setups and shoot, taking into consideration the health and protection of the newborn baby. Baby might not be comfortable in shooting with an adverse environment or disturbing surroundings, where indoor shoot sounds a perfect match. A comfortable setting with proper lighting effects to get the best click. Research says that most of the newborn shoots are done indoors due to the same reason. But the risk-takers were all set to take up an initiative in the direction.


So, when there’s doubt of quality for the indoor shoots, they have got enough. But for the new phase, that too not so familiar concept was a tough nut to crack. One more challenge was there, they don’t only want local business but want to create a separate entity for the concept making it even tough. Now, the only card left was the quality, presentation of the quality and presenting it to the right audience is needed. So, here we are.!



A meeting with Brand:

It hardly last for 10-15minutes, because of its simple nature of expectations. The term “We only want business, though you don’t even get a single like, but if you’re giving a business, it’s a result. “ No idhar udhar ki formality or something.

So, the case was clear. Either reach till their expectations or it will take no time to replace you. And it’s a fact that when you’re dealing with a big brand, these things you’ll have to face as they have got many options and if you’re the choice- you need to be worth enough. So, the challenge was not against the competition but against the odd, against their own tendency to shoot for indoors. But, amongst all, the ultimate challenge was to get the sale done. These people were so clear with their terms that,

“Number of inquiries does not matter to them, but the numbers on sales chart does.”

So, this challenge could either improve our company chart or completely destroy one. But yes, this could be a good adventure to take. Reaching till their expectations gave a complete new lookout on the way we deal with the client. As it says, the tougher the client, the more opportunities you got to improve yourself. Such type of clients end up giving so many areas to cover in terms of services to be provided. Their expectations give an idea of what they actually desire. Your worst client would be the one who’d not give any inputs or feedback but keep it back in their mind to judge. Complaining and demanding clients gives you the best lessons and if you’ve dealt them with care, you’ve got much more to deliver to your average client with less or no demands. Such unsaid demands if fulfilled, takes you closer to the ultimate goal. Delivering before they even ask for is something they could find worth spending time and energy for, money stands for rest. If you take care of your client’s brand, they will take care of yours. The most beneficial part of it is if you succeed, you’ll get more challenging jobs or quality referrals or a good relation to rely on professionally. If you fail, you know the rest.!


Strategy & Implementation:

Started with the concept and demand of brand, the strategy was formulated. Here, we don’t have much scope of trial and error as each move with a failure could be counted as a negative remark.


We started getting registrations and made a local listing targeting niche and started putting things on the world wide web for a presentation. The targeted niche was a crystal clear. After a few trial and error and detailed observation of the audience’s behaviour, certain things were clear as what the potential audience likes and dislikes or where they react positively or adversely. In the digital era, the behavioural observation is the key to success. The right behaviour from the right audience said to confirm the sale. If you fail to target the right audience, again it will be a loss. You might be thinking? Loss? Of course, reaching the wrong audience is the loss of time, energy and the money spent. And in the online industry, you don’t dare to afford the loss of time as that might be a loosen up opportunity. Missing out on an opportunity is the loss itself.



Deciding on targeting the audience which has an interest in our service, which was newborn photography that too on outdoor setups was a brainstorming session. After a few assumptions, we finally get in direct connection with all those pregnant ladies who are expecting a child within a certain age and interest area following relevant products. As these were the audience who could be the one giving business to brand. But, only targeting was not enough, we have crossed check on the same running some engagement activities on social media where they would be gifted with a gift hamper leading us to the confirmation. Along with that we have shared some quality content which would be helpful to them along with promoting the brand directly. The key part here was such that the marketing was being done directly as well as indirectly where most of the promoter fails. They try to showcase their products or service or offers to the large extent, may lose a client. As long as you’re concerned with what your potential client’s demands are, they would likely to get converted. Most of the advertisement belongs to direct marketing, showing your offers and deals. But it’s not about the number of campaigns you run, but the Impression you make is what matters. The engagement activity connects the brand with the audience, a relation built, then could help client trust your brand especially when you’re approaching the client for the 1st time.



On the other hand, as we have discussed that we have started registering with many such local listing sites including Google and certain 3rd party portals. Within a couple of months, with extensive research, targeting niche segment, we got really good visibility in terms of keyword research. The number of people visiting the listing is increasing every single month passes by resulting in increasing the number of calls to the business. We got a great ranking result on google with many relevant terms such as child photography, newborn photography, infants and every keyword related to the service we provide.

This has resulted in 5 inquiries per day average. I would rather specify, 5 genuine inquiries per day. Genuine as in the targeted segment we ran a promotion for. There were 10 inquiries on an average regardless of the specific platform. Where 50% belongs to the new segment we worked for and rest of 50% belongs to other segments of the photography, maybe outdoor, wedding, indoor shoot and many more. Out of 5 genuine inquiries, 2-3 would be passed on the follow-up section where the client is interested to negotiate. So the result was on an average, 60% of the audience has the purchasing power of the service we were offering which was a good deal So, Bringing those people to the brand, who’re in need of the service you provide is what we learn.


Only passing on the inquiry was not enough, a regular follow-up with the conversion rate, the credibility of the targeted audience, their obvious questions and the problem they face dealing with them was equally important. Such analysis gave a clear picture. As we have discussed on the starting phase of this article, the graph of sales chart maters. The regular follow up and communication with the team you pass the inquiry to is the other half of your output.


As it is said, sales and marketing is not separate functions but works in alignment to each other. The expectations given by the marketing team by the presentation has to have complied with the offering made by the sales team. The communication gap here would definitely cost you loss of a customer. Being in regular touch with sales team help us know their way of working, their ideology, their morales and more than that the culture of the company. Knowing which would help you promote the content for the same company easier and relatable. These conversations with the company help creating a completely different chart as what are the obvious reason why the customer left? What are the key questions they ask? What are the common hurdles they face? Solving each one by one increases the quality of the lead shared each time which eventually increases the conversion rate for the leads shared.

So. Let’s conclude this with an understanding of the fact that marketing does not ends where the lead generated has been passed on to the sales team, but it ends where the quality lead with clarity has been shared with the transparency of the offer and offering. Where the service provider and the client both stands in Win-Win situation on their negotiation.

Thank you so much for reading it out. If you have someone in mind who’d be looking for lead generating agency for their business. Don’t share it because I would ask you for. Share if you feel it’s worth it.


Have a Great Day.

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