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Digital Marketing! Have heard it like too often nowadays. Maybe the most misconceptuated term this digital era have made it, especially in India. Every second person is defining it in a completely different form. Few of the most common definitions we have come across for the Digital Marketing are:

  • A popular advertising brand/ company/ agency that has millions of followers promotes your content to reach people who’d potentially be your consumer is digital marketing.

  • A group of influencers/ influencing brands/ company/ agency promoting your content is one such definition

  • Well, there also exists a group who believes that Facebook & Instagram marketing (Not even marketing, but POSTING) is digital marketing.

There’s no harm defining it anyway. Nor do I say that these are not correct. The definition might be correct but it belongs to the term “Advertising.” The bothering concern here is when the misconceptuated term becomes a source of incomplete knowledge for most of the people in Surat Gujarat India. The main reason many people from Surat Gujarat India don’t want to get involved with Digital Marketing company/ agency is they don’t even understand what exactly Digital Marketing is. Well, Digital marketing is not limited to the concept you learned in your certifications, also not something about the tools you use but a combination of Marketing modules you’d study in management, your digital knowledge of terms and tools with the utmost sharp analytical skill you carry. Every single time, when I come across someone who’d ask me about it, the definition keeps changing as the digital era is growing faster than the light could travel. We are in an industry where every passing second has an update with the system, browser, platform and what not.

Who knew it that after spending months of energy into increasing likes, Instagram will one sudden day remove the feature of Like count? Yeah, that’s a surprising major update, but there are many updates taking place every second. So, digital marketing isn’t something that has been sum up in a few words to define. It keeps on improving and your attitude of constant learning will make you win if you live in a highly competitive economy of India.

The major issue with the most communized word “Digital Marketing” reduced the valuation of the most brilliant mind’s expertise in Surat Gujarat India. The concept is so common, people don’t even bother to know the exact thing. So, let’s proceed with what exactly Digital Marketing is especially in India?

Hold tight for the long yet most crucial information you’ve today about Digital Marketing, certain things no marketer in Surat Gujarat India would like to tell you about. Let’s proceed.


Conceptually, Digital Marketing is a completely new concept that arrived with the pros of communication and interactions. Previously marketing company/ agency used to run campaign assuming that the audience might like it, try to express the content in the most prominent way, with best of graphics and dialogs and more, but most of the function takes assumption in consideration. But, after the introduction to digital marketing in Surat Gujarat India, the marketing company/ agency has reached a completely new level as it provides an interactive experience. The campaign that was previously designed by Digital marketing company/ agency with assumptions are now created considering audience’s behavior, comparing the best performing ads become far easier, time consumed previously for analysis has gone down and more of it, it became easier to stop and marketing right away without any extra expense, but you’d only get charged for the amount actually spent. The transparency has improved. The accountability has improved and so as the trust factor.

 As I defined it before, Digital Marketing is a fine combination of a strategy sharp as management level, a sound knowledge of tools and terms and a great analytical skill. (Haven’t mentioned anywhere, but from the dictionary of experience I would say)


Let’s get into this systematically, There are major parts of Digital Marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Google Adwords, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and many more (most common terms we listen nowadays, knowing least about the same). These were the primary ones, secondary comes with Email Marketing, Specific Social Media Promotions, Local Listing, Link Building, Business Registrations and much more. I’m damn sure, you might have not have heard it all in Surat Gujarat India, but is familiar with some. So, bingo! You’re halfway on. As you have heard some, it’s easier to move ahead with some descriptive studies.

Starting with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it covers the major part of Digital Marketing. Well, the best part about SEO is the fact that it does not only consider the tools and terms, but the human behavioral factors as well.

  • Which type of data will USER like to have access on,

  • What information will USER find useful,

  • How relevant does USER find the information,

  • How USER reacts to certain information

and more.


With a great source of tools and software, it became easier to achieve the goal you desire but the biggest loss here is depending highly and blindly on the tools provided that seems quite obvious in most of the campaign run by most of Digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India. Many times, Digital marketing company/ agency forget that tools are there to help better optimize the strategy and not the Strategy itself. Tools are system and you have to tell the system how to operate.


So, here the mind-game is the power! Let’s have a brief.

Using a tool

  • To find trending keywords you’d like to rank for

  • To check on which keyword holds the maximum search volume with nominal or moderate competition

  • Target audience and brand goal

  • Re-targeting

  • Results


Well, it seems so easy seeing almost all the steps covered in the above steps broadly. But each step carries a hold of behavioral aspects as well which is most likely to get overlooked under a load of highly proficient tools available just a click away from most of Digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India. Maybe this has been said before, still I would like to repeat the same, “Tools are there to support the strategy and not the strategy.” There’s no short-cut to the success of the strategy.

Obvious things that have been overlooked by most of Digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India:

During Keyword Targeting:


This is not always true to consider the keywords that you THINK are highly in trend but the one that actually been searched by users in your targeted area. It’s not always advisable to get onto all those keyword search engines provides in the suggestion box or on the footer section of the search engine results, or else you’d end up chasing a large group of unnecessary keywords. If you know the Google algorithm a bit, you’d be aware of the fact that Google does not only provide the results for the exact terms but also for the related terms and synonyms. So, if your content is strong enough, it would stay strong for many of the synonyms as well, increasing the potential to reach a huge group of visitors.

Keyword Competition and Search Volume:


This is the advanced step of the above step. The above step is limited to finding the keyword you THINK is of the higher potential with a wide reach. The one where most of your crowd might be visiting. This one is with the advanced tool which will help you know the search volume and competition for the said keywords along with the expected cost per click if you wish to rank for the particular term using Google paid service named as Google Adwords.

This is the time you got to be careful. If you’re shifting with Wow! What a tool, Hold on! When things seem to be so magical, that’s the same time you gotta have a warning signal. No, I’m not saying, these tools are a waste or distractors, but the mentality is. We often find things attractive that took fewer efforts but how come something leads to the success which itself starts with leisure to do or which motivates you to put less effort to get ultimate results?

So, what to do?

While using certain tools that provide offerings mentioned above, the digital marketing company/ agency would look for the keywords carries the combination of high volume and less competition, if I’m right. But the research becomes so hardcore that the only digit plays the entire game. It is the obvious mistake done by many digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India that we push the deadline and do not give each task the attention required. As a result, digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India would pick up many unnecessary keywords with high volume and least competition leading visibility to more of the generic audience, which might not be the right one. Our core is to target the niche audience with a higher conversion ratio. Getting more visibility with no or least conversion is making no difference to non-marketing efforts. SEO is all about targeting the exact niche audience to the exact niche product you serve.

Target Audience and Brand Goal:


Target Audience: Well, how can you target audience without paying on the Digital platform? It’s an obvious thought as we have been directly targeting the audience with their age, gender and interest area. So, the question remains how to target without payment? Well, we have been playing the game of keywords and the user regardless of their demographic difference would be only one who’d be interested in the offering. Here, targeting becomes the easier-the only thing that demands your attention would be the choice of most searched and moderate competitive keywords on digital platforms which are not the only niche to our offering but also be easily searched by the audience group in your targeted area.

The next thing comes here is a brand goal. Well, let’s modify this one with “Audience Goal.” In the two-way brand communication of marketing, it is advisable to put more weight on the term audience goals/ needs/ expectations instead of Brand’s goal. Brand/ company/ Agency’s offering should not be pushing the sale but a solution to the consumer. And all it takes is a presentation. As we know, one term can be defined in an innumerous way, how the marketing company/ agency present brand’s offering makes a difference. For example, if a brand is selling a water bottle, you could either go ahead with 1) Get pure water bottle for 50% off or 2) A step towards pure and hygienic life with XYZ water bottle. Make a wise decision on how do you want to approach your concept to the audience.



Again, when you feel like wow! We got ranked. But buddies! It’s easy to rank higher on your targeted keyword but the difficult part is to sustain it. It takes double the efforts to sustain the same. Getting ranking on one of the targeted keywords is easy, but the goal should not be limited to single keywords ranking. As we understood the fact above that Google also suggests results for synonyms of the targeted keyword, the same way the chances are there to get ranked for some non-targeted synonyms as well.

The campaign is not only about running an ad but starting from strategizing to implementations to errors to refining strategies to results to better optimizing opportunities that work minimize the cost and maximize the returns. The good digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India believes that a campaign should deliver desired results but the great digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India is the one believes it should exceed the expected results.

No matter whichever practice you do in SEO, may it be On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Whiteboard SEO, Local SEO or any form of SEO, may it be one of those SEO of a portals where you register your business, the factors mentioned plays a major role in the digital marketing practices. The core would be the same. So, let’s end this one here and proceed with the next major thing in digital marketing which is Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing:


The most integral part of online marketing-Social Media Marketing. But great powers come with greater responsibilities. Sounds so magical thinking in a pattern that wow! The digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India is promoting our stuff on the platform that has most of our target audience is addicted to! Yes, your digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India would probably be promoting your content on the platform where your audience can’t take off their attention. Your content is communicable, you can get immediate feedback, your digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India can target a specific group of people without any hassle, they can drive them to the specific page of your website and what not!

Well, these are the pros we all know, but the cons are equally important to know and more than that, far important to avoid the common mistakes occurred by digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India.


Few of the most common mistakes done by Digital Marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India include:

  • One-way communication on Social sites

  • Only promoting Brand-specific & brand-centric content

  • Keep chasing new audience instead of concentrating on interested audience base

  • Least or not Diversity in Post

  • No Analysis

  • Treating all social media platform as same

  • Least or No Engagement with the audience

  • Overuse of automated tools

And the list goes on.

Well, I can bet you have related to one or some points mentioned above and find so would be so casual as why not do that? I mean to say, Why not talking about brand? Why not Promoting Brand? But that’s not something which bothers the concept of social media. What bothers is the process. Yeah! Your Digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India should be promoting your brand, but it should be your ultimate goal and not something throughout the process. Before getting deep into the matter that why you must avoid these mistakes, let’s get a clear picture of individual social media platforms on how you could gain benefits from each social media platform separately and trace it wisely.

Yet another thing that needs to be noticed here is everything that has been mentioned uptil now are complete organic growth factors in the world of Digital Marketing practices.

So, let’s get started with some popular social media platforms and how it made marketing a superior experience for the entire industry in Surat Gujarat India which includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and few more. The intention behind sharing only specific social media isn’t the comparison amongst them nor is to prove one social platform to be superior than others. It simply denotes the platform niche and how it could be beneficial to individual industry or group of industries.

Let’s begin with Facebook and combine it with Instagram:


So, one of the most popular social media platform giving more instantaneous results, it has gained quite good prestige in the world of digital marketing to the limit that when it comes to social media, the 1st word that comes to any digital marketing company/ agency's mind would be none other than Facebook. Audience’s involvement and their tendency to share each and every detail of their life journey made it so special that almost any industry could fit in the structure of Facebook marketing in the entire concept of Digital marketing in Surat Gujarat India.


As Facebook and Instagram have been used for refreshment purposes for most of the people in Surat Gujarat India in this era, it reflects the nature of the platform. People understand the power yet they fail to make smart use of it. They would consider this platform to be the same as one of those traditional platforms where advertisements were run on the bases of assumption. Social media provides you great visibility and a chance to actually get in touch with your potential clients. Today, clients also want to have a one-on-one conversation with the brand/ company/ agency.

Facebook, if used well, could deliver results beyond expectations. It has provided the entire range of solutions suitable to almost all the industries in Surat Gujarat India. It has the provision for industries like e-commerce on showcasing the products to successful conversions to the industry where the brand wants users to visit the location to make a purchase. It has provisions to generate leads and to increase popularity. The detailed information that we provide to these social media helps brand identify our interest area and hence help reaching out the right audience.

Proceeding with Twitter and LinkedIn:


As we understood the fact that digital marketing company/ agency needs to first understand the nature of the platform before jumping into the conclusion of what ads would you like to run on the platform? So, coming straight to the point on what type of platform these two are-Twitter and LinkedIn. As we knew quite a few things about LinkedIn being the most professional network, let me draw your attention the reality. Before I made a statement that you might believe why would you believe, let me ask you a question. Which platform do you believe is the one where almost all the official announcements are to be made? Have you ever seen any professional announcement from a particular brand or government to be made on Facebook or LinkedIn? No. These announcements are always made on the platform we all know, Twitter.

But it is quite evident that in the country we live in, people are not so much fond of using twitter as what gives temptation to people is Facebook and Instagram. The reason is Twitter gives ultimate reach and better visibility, it’s an open platform to reach a wider group of people. Apart from that, if you would have used twitter or have seen the features quite closely, you’d realize that most of the features that twitter launched are generally been seen or got popular through some other social media like bookmarking, pinning the post/ tweet, events and #tags. As we know that #tags are new-age keywords. It is as useful as keywords on Google.

Considering Twitter as the most professional platform does not mean that LinkedIn is any less of a professional platform. Where Twitter is useful for the most recent industry updates, LinkedIn is even more useful for creating quality connections. LinkedIn is all about connections. Connecting with industry leaders and influencers is a vital element of this platform. It helps digital marketing company/ agency in Surat Gujarat India getting in touch with the same. It works on the norm of “Quality Connections Bring Quality Business”-and the single statement is enough to help understand the power of this platform in Surat Gujarat India. Now, we might not provide all our information to twitter or LinkedIn as we do on Facebook and Instagram, because we know the purpose of the platform. Hence, marketing tools would also differ here in terms of targeting the audience. To reach out to the same audience on Facebook and LinkedIn, the digital marketing company/ agency needs to take up a different approach. The sole reason for the same is the nature of the platform. So, your marketing message would be different on every platform you chase to reach out to people depending on the nature of the platform. Let’s proceed with yet another type of social media which are Pinterest and Quora.



The only a specific group of audiences use this platform and the reason is obvious-It applies to specific industries only. Well, as we all know that Pinterest is a platform for Ideas. Anyone looking for ideas could definitely rely on this platform. As mentioned before, this platform has been used by a specific group of people and specific industries only, so let me first confirm with the types of industries that work well here. It includes designers, creative, professional services like nail art design, Mehandi designs and many such industries where customization is the key to excel.

Doing SEO isn’t limited to Google or search engines, but also implies to the social media as well. Wherever there are ranking factors that matter, there’s SEO. With slight use of Keywords/ #tags and a touch of influencers, your digital marketing company/ agency can easily reach a wide group of audiences easily.



One of the most important platforms for both, SEO and Social Media stands Quora. But the sad reality is such that I had to put it in the bottom one because of the limited group of people using this platform ideally to increase its potential reach.

Well, we have observed every single platform on their nature, their usability and their structure. But there’s one similarity amongst all which was – all long time, your digital marketing company/ agency is chasing the right audience to check out your offering. But quora stands out, how? Because this is the platform where buyers chase sellers. Don’t get it? Let me explain. Starting with understanding the nature of this platform. As an individual platform carries its own nature, quora also has one. Here, people come to communicate, to ask, to learn, to discuss, to find solutions. In short, Quora provides a platform where people can raise their issue and the respective industry expert will come up with the solution to the one.

So, anyone out there looking for the offering you offer, here you have the potential to talk about your offerings, how you differ, how is it different and much more. So, seems so exciting, right? Well, yes. Who would not like to directly engage with an audience who are ready to convert?

So, as mentioned before, explaining all the popular social platforms, we do not claim one platform to be superior to another but expressing the functioning of each. Considering the functioning and the nature of the platform, reaching people out with the way suitable to the platform would be 80% more fruitful than just promoting and distributing the same message throughout all the platforms. We still have a long list to discuss out social media, but only important ones have covered.

One more essential part of Digital Marketing is yet to discuss without which the concept of Digital Marketing is incomplete, Paid Marketing.

Paid Marketing:


Well, until now, we have discussed how the search engine works and how social media is important. Understanding the behavior of the audience and the nature of the platform helps identify what could work best. But the 2nd most important part is about campaigning, about running ads, about actually getting desired results. So, actual show-time relies here on. If you could not perform well here, your analysis and targeting won’t work well. If your targeting is good enough, but your way of presentation isn’t good enough, you might not get results.

So, paid marketing could be done both ways. Through social media and through Google. The main difference is the presentation. As far as we understood the functioning of social media, we can run a campaign for the particular social media depending on the nature of the platform but google ads are quite a difference. Let’s understand this first.

Google Ads are the most efficient way of doing advertisement today as we discussed it before as well that when the user actually wants your offering, they won’t look out for the same on social media but on google only. So, what it allows you to do is-it lets your digital marketing company/ agency show the advertisement on your targeted keywords. On top of it, it allows you to see which particular keyword is popular, which keyword is having higher search volume with competition to give you better ideas on targeting. Certain types of ads that work on keywords only, are known as search ads and are generally been shown on google search results and their partner sites.

They also provide you with an alternative that overcomes the limitation of search ads like, 1) only shown on Google partner websites and 2) no media could be used to show your ads and only text would be used. Here comes 2nd type of ads which is popularly known as Display Ads, which would fit in anywhere throughout the globe and more than 3B+ websites that are registered on google having a good crowd.

You might be wondering, which one would be preferable if you have an online store, selling off the products? Well, for that-they do have a completely different type of ad, popularly known as Shopping ads, where people actively looking for the products could see the product along with the price and features. Even it provides you with a facility where you don’t even need to maintain the inventory but with a help of just one link, all your data from your website will be updated on Google algorithm as well which allows you to target only available products.

Then what about the Skippable and non-skippable videos we keep seeing on youtube? Where do they belong to these categories? You got me right, they do have an additional category solely designed for the videos. It includes Skippable and non-skippable ads. And guess what? It also allows you to run an ad in series. Confused? Let me help you with it. Not everyone will see all your videos. People who paid attention to your first ad will be shown another ad from the series that you set, giving a personalized touch to your advertisement module. Sounds fun, right?

Well, as we were talking about personalization, let me add another point here. We generally target people with their interest area, geography, demography and age-group etc. But you can further also target people based on their interest in your products. You can further differentiate these groups of people and show them the ads personalized to them only. It seems so good, but how? Depending on the time spent on your website, depending on the pages people visit, you can create an audience on the specific action they take on your website and accordingly you can showcase your ads personalized to them for better advertisement experience. This advertisement module is called Re-marketing. Where you don’t chase each and everyone who might be your potential client, but more focused targeting which is targeting only those people repeatedly who’s actually interested in your offering and willing to make a purchase to help you achieve your goal.

So, here we conclude our topic of entire digital marketing. As mentioned many a time before, Digital Marketing can not be summed up in certain words but it’s growing and it’s growing every day, every hour, every minute and every second, Meanwhile you’re reading this, it’s still growing. We tried covering all the important aspects of digital marketing, but still there are many such aspects that have not been covered in this article but we would keep you posted with every update that we have.

Thanks for reading it out and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If so, do share it ahead with someone who’d find this useful. Thank you once again.