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Define Your Brand with Graphics

What is the key to compete? A unique product or added on service? Or you might say something different to offer than what the competing brands do. Well, in most of the cases, it’s true. But what would be your expert opinion when you come across the brand or industry where you do not hold the right to make the distinction in the product on your own. You might be thinking yeah, there might be many such industries or brands, but still you have got to have some sort of competitive advantage. But the question is, you can’t find it straight.


In this case study, we are talking about one such brand. Its physical presence is in the form of an optical store. Now first, let’s understand the scenario.


The brand keeps the optical wear, sunglasses, lens and many such optical items, purchased from well-reputed manufacturing units.



You may say the dealership brand who actually offers, or minor price difference or maybe the service.

You got me right. The most important part in a presentation is consist of the product, service and after Sales Service at most. Most of our decision was driven by the after Sales Service because the product you might be purchasing at moment could not be the only charge you would be paying at the time of purchase. During the life cycle of that specific product, you might come across certain maintenance charge or depreciation charges or many such random charges. In such a scenario, taking into consideration a long term benefit rather than short one. The same thing works well here. But still, you might not be convinced. The first thought, what could be a maintenance charge for the contact lens or a frame? It hardly cost you 200-500INR. But let’s get deeper. Let’s empathise it in a distinct way.

Let’s assume it as an investment, might sound a bit too much. But, let’s do it. You’re investing for better eyesight. It’s obvious that your eyesight will not improve wearing glasses, but there’s also a fact that you can protect it from getting worse by wearing it. We generally see spectacles as a routine. Right, when it comes to routine, we generally term it a common. But on contrary, it should also not been taken for granted as routine is something that has become a great part of your life. For an eye-wear, it helps you with better visibility, effortless and improved readability, protect your eyes from a visible substance such as dust and invisible ones as harmful rays. Next important thing about it is you don’t purchase it every once in a while. It’s a one-time investment for at least 6months to many years. So, now you are probably convinced about the term “Investment.”

Let’s now proceed with yet another step. It’s never going to be the same measurement unit for all. Your requirement would drastically be different than that of a person next to you. Let’s make it bit simple.

Kids using too much digital device is in direct contact of harmful rays arising from the device itself. On contrary, a person whose job profile is staying outdoors for days, take an example- A civil engineer on a construction site needs a different type of eye-wear to protect from the dust and harmful rays from the sun. The type of person who’s more into night driving would need a different prescription for their perfect eye-wear design. Or an aged person, good with seeing things from distance but having trouble with reading needs a different pair of lens. You see, a simple looking spectacle has a really deep understanding of your requirement, but not many such people really are aware of it.

So, the 1st thing is you can not make a change to its physical structure.

You can not drastically increase or decrease the price to increase sale for your specific store as it might damage the reputation of the manufacturing brand.


You can not re-brand it using your own brand name.

You can not reserve a specific unit limited to yourself to centralise the sale for a specific product.

You can not make commitment more than what was acclaimed by the manufacturing brand.

So, what could be done to promote your specific brand over manufacturing one without damaging their reputation? But, out of all, there is one such task that has to be performed by you only, which results in an actual sale that is Salesmanship. Let’s describe the term in an even better manner. No matter how good the product is, but if the presentation for the product is weak, the sale is impossible. As it is termed, you can sell a single product in million possible way with a distinct feature of your presentation.

Let's take an example, you want to buy a new smartphone. You can get it from any nearby store who would offer cell phones, but still you would prefer going to a branded store where you could purchase it even though the price is going to be the same, warranty or guarantee to be provided is again going to be the same because it was given by the manufacturer itself.

What could be the possible reason?


So the brand that we are talking about Eyes N’ Specs. They got their competitive advantage as their service and their outstanding in-depth understanding of technical aspects of the product what they are selling. They knew it very well what their client actually wants. Furthermore, giving the knowledge with their exclusive presentation skills have become their competitive advantage. Understanding the industry demands and the increasing interest of client base in knowing what they are actually purchasing has given them a competitive edge. So, knowing a brand is enough, now it’s show time.

In the field of marketing, it's not always necessary to jump over with all the services that you are offering, but the offering of the specific services that your client or the brand actually needs.

Client expectations were simple. They simply don't want to promote a manufacturing brand such as a Rayban or IDEE, but their own brand Eyes N’ Specs remarkable service. So they found their competitive advantage being the technological knowledge of an industry and their outstanding service.

So, the job was simple, we have to showcase the services to get the product sold. Our role here was to express it in a simple way as possible, which was graphic designing.


Graphic designing is the art of expressing the content in a visual format with the least characters expressed. The most important rule in the field of marketing is to understand the seller than the buyer. Understand the seller as what he/she exactly wants to sell, a product/ a service/ an experience/ an image/ a brand-whatever it could be, but the prospective of the seller is way more important than buyer as the buyer must know what they are actually buying from the seller. Or in their own words, “A buyer should know, where they are actually investing their time and money.”


Unlike many designers, who’d look out certain designs on the web and re-create it, makes a brand dull and unrecognisable. To create a recognition, and look out of the crowd, you first need to be worthy enough. No repeated content could give you a boost when you don’t have that thing to offer what the client actually desire. Offering something they might wonder if such facility or service even exists. We had that content, actually every brand reserves such ingredient to look out of the crowd, but the only thing that matters is if you’re good enough to present it in a way that you can see the influence of that specific ingredient. Not every client opt for a minimum price structure but there are many more who’d spend or take decisions only with the influence factor. What you offer has something more than just a product. And presentation here was again the most important factor than that of the product itself. The designing should be done in a way that it expresses not only industry or product but the norms and the culture that a brand owns. Either it’s your content or graphic, it should shout it lungs out the norms and culture your brand owns.

After a detailed understanding of the selling brand, there were certain things we came across to highlight. The technical knowledge and the sharp understanding of the most suitable pair of specs for the specific person was their asset. The skill made them sell the lens worth more than 34k. They believe in a quality sale and not quantity one. Now, content was clear to us, so it’s a time to visualise it in the graphics format. Following each graphic expresses their mission statement.

Let’s check out some.


It should not always be the same as a promotional one, but also the one that interests your viewer as well. It should be appealing enough to wait for a moment to pay attention to. It should be something motivating as well. A call-to-action is a key ingredient for any paid or non-paid content must have a thing. While living in a country with 365 days =365 opportunities, you also need to be ready for the creativity that could fascinate the potential client with the offerings. So, there are a hell number of combinations to design and promote your content.

As their concept was “Solution-oriented”, many such designs were made in accordance with it. Some of them designed for the routine disturbance we face that generally being ignored, certainly was for self-branding or promotional whereas certain were informative ones.


Everyone says that you should mould in a way a client wants it to be, but I would say let client fall in love with your own style. Because when a client comes in, they expect your presentations, your offerings and products in a pre-specific manner as he/she would get served with any other competing brand. I would say, surprise them with a complete different experience because if you did it just like any other random brand, you’ll end up being a random one as well. The prime reason for any individual to roam around for a product with almost the same price and quality is simply that they are looking for something more than just a price and quality. And if they would not get it, they would simply compare with similar factors and get the best deal available. So, offer them with something there is no scope for comparison left. And that would actually help you build a strong competitive advantage.


Thank You.

If you like it and if someone crossed your mind reading it, do share it with them. Who knows! If they are looking for something out there, what actually exist within their own brand. Also, if you know someone looking for graphic designing, connect me with them to the mutual interest if any.

Once again, thanks for reading.