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Influence of Content That Ranks

Content that Ranks Higher: The Ultimate Guide

Content That Ranks Higher: The Ultimate Guide

We all have heard the term “Content is a King” But who make this content? In how many ways can you categorize this content? What could be included in the Content? So, in the words of Wiki, content is the information and experiences that are directed towards an end-user or audience. So, as you see, content is information to be shared, there are many types of information we come across, some might excite us or bore us. It all depends on the way of expressing it. Presentation. Presenting the information in a way that keeps the audience engaged is all about the quality of the content.

Two things are necessary to make good content

1.    Unique and accurate content

2.    Strong Presentation equipped with quality examples

It also makes a difference what purpose is getting fulfilled with the content you’re sharing. Audience perceives the content differently depending on the platform they are getting content from in addition to their own set of parameters. The same information could be shared in million different ways, what matters is what specific way makes your audience perceive it with ease and in an expected way. For example, if you’re into a corporate field or your end client belongs to the high corporate profile, your expected content would intend to be more formal in nature as compared to the one with any laymen reader.

Starting with a case study, there’s an agency belonging to the same field as digital marketing named ETC Digital Marketing. Their expectations were simple. They need content targeting a specific keyword or set of keywords for their client’s content needs. The content was expected to rank higher in terms of relevancy and keywords richness. Even the number of words in an article was defined. Now, the exciting part here was such that it was not dedicated to one specific industry. All those clients that the agency holds have their own set of standards and industry criteria. The topics were far different than one-another, granted us a chance to write each one in its own way. Creating interesting content, which has been written by great experts in past is quite a tough job to perform, but it definitely gives you an opportunity to excel in the art of expression.

What is the best content? Maybe which one has the most accurate information, decorated with a high-tech language or may be high level jargons fisted to the content to show an impression on how qualified the writer is. I might not be correct of course, nor do I criticize the writing skills of the professionals. It is just a quick observation from the Google front pages and its algorithm. If ignored some high profile standards, in general, if you’re looking for content, your basic expectations are the 'clear concept with ease to understand'. The simpler it goes, the readability of the content increases-which is a good quality to rank higher in search results. As of readability increases, the retention of the content/webpage will also increase.

Understanding the fact that people need things to be simple and short was enough. One such important factor that makes the presentation speaks less and expresses more is the use of multimedia. Multimedia is more reliable at appealing the reader than any combination of words does. Imagine reading about the depth of content having so many categories and sub-categories might confuse or more than that it bores due to its time-consuming nature. On contrary, making a chart of infographic explains it with just a glance. It saves time and easy to understand. Let’s understand one more, suppose you’re writing a manual for a piece of high-tech machinery, on contrary- you’re demonstrating it using your camera. The video would help to understand the process faster than manual and same thing would be understood within a couple of minutes which might take an hour to understand in manual.


So, it was a basic clarity that was needed before diving into the pond of words. Now, the 2nd most important thing for writing content and making it interesting for the reader is knowing the matter completely.


Remember, unless you have something unique and accurate details to share, no one bothers to spend a single moment on it. Most exciting part here was such that we did not need to write on the same industry every now and then, but there was a variety to explore which eventually enhances your individual knowledge.


So, what could be more exciting then gaining knowledge and getting paid for it?

Love the work you do, or you’d end up chasing targets. Unless you enjoy your work, it’s just a load. If you know the art of loving your work, targets will chase you and that’s where creativity begins. So, finally it’s show time. We have written on many such industries including

  • Overseas Education

  • Hotel Industry

  • Restaurant Food Industry

  • Food Delivery Service

  • Financial Institute

  • Education Industry

  • Event Organization

  • Photography Industry

  • Optical Industry

  • E-commerce Industry

and many more.

Let’s check the glimpse of the same


Industry: Overseas Education

Brand: Elite Overseas Education

Topics & Keywords that ranked:


PTE Coaching in Surat/ Ahmedabad

GRE Preparations for Overseas Education in Surat

Spoken English Classes in Surat

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Industry: Hotel & Restaurant

Brand: Lords Group of Hotels | Lime Tree & Blue Coriander Restaurant

Topics & Keywords that ranked:


Family Get-together in Shirdi

Halal Food in Surat/ Ankleshwar/ Bharuch

Navratri Celebration in Ankleshwar/ Bharuch

Muslim Wedding Venue in Surat

Halal Food Venue in Surat

Banquet Hall in Shirdi

Restaurant for EID & Ramadan Celebration in Surat

Top 7 Hotels on Bangalore Mysore Highway

Top 7 Bangalore Mysore Highway Restaurants

Best Place to Eat on Mysore Road

Restaurant in Shirdi

Banquet Hall in Ankleshwar/ Bharuch

Christmas Celebration in Surat

New Year Eve Celebration in Surat

Industry: Education Industry

Brand: Lords Institute of Management

Topics & Keywords that ranked:
download (1).png

Website content in About Section

Hotel Management after 10th & 12th

Hotel Management Hospitality Jobs Career in India

Hotel Management Types of Job Profile

What is Hotel Management Course?

Industry: Finance Sector

Brand: Rupeelend

Topics & Keywords that ranked:

Key Things to Know About Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans with Bad Credit Score

Immediate Cash Loans in India

No Credit Check Loan

SEO Expert in India (

Surat Kids Run: Get 400% Participation for Your Upcoming Event

Asiad Circus Project: How to Promote the Excitement!

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Political Campaigning and Digital Marketing

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Poolside Restaurant in Ahmedabad (featuring Splash Waterpark)

Circus Brings Memories of Childhood (featuring Asiad Circus)

Circus Event in Delhi (featuring Asiad Circus)

Cake Smash to Newborn Photography in Surat (featuring Shital Photo)

Top 5 Indian Food Delivery Service in New Jersey (featuring

And the list goes on.


So, you see- when the content is strong enough, easy to understand and uniquely informative, you’ll rock. As it says, content is the king. As we have discussed before, the content you share should be informative but not too technical in nature. Should be formal in nature but not one-way transmition of the information. Even though it should be formal in nature, it should be communicable in nature. If resemblance and retention is there, there’s a guaranteed ranking for the targeted keywords. And the content is something where you can express almost everything from your offerings to your morale values. This is the best possible way to showcase those unexpressed values you have and how you differ from others. Apart from your own website, blogging and articles are the place where you can highlight where you excel in terms of your offerings as compared to your competitor.

download (2).png

So, if you too insist getting higher on google searching criteria, do get in touch with us. Fill up the form or simply leave a whatsapp. If you come across someone who’s looking for the service we would proud to deliver, please refer it to them. Further, if you like reading this or got something interesting to share forward, do share it along. Thank You. Have a great day ahead.